Monday, June 4, 2012

Purple Velvet Cake

So, okay...I've been craving for a Red Velvet cake for quite a while.  Nak beli, mahal sungguh harganya...bukan tak leh buat sendiri. Cuma tak berapa "rajin" nak buat.  I finally gathered my "mood" to make it on Sunday...errr...that's yesterday, I reckon.  Since my brothers and little Harritz will be at my parents' and my dear sister-in-law pun ada...why not?

I will share with you a super moist velvet cake and I'm using a different topping AND I'm not making a RED velvet cake, but PURPLE.  Yes, purple...Prior to this, I have made a Red Velvet Cupcake and they look gorgeous but don't taste that gorgeous because of the coloring. They taste weird because of the coloring. So this time around I'm going to use purple coloring.  The same recipe used for the red velvet cake, am only changing the color.  So here goes....the recipe.


3-layer Purple Velvet Cake

Not too purple... I wonder if I put more color, will it turn really purple?

meh tengok dekat sket...

...tengok dekat lagi.

The Cake

2 cups     multi purpose flour (please sift it)
1/2 cup   cocoa powder (kalau nak sedap, cap HERSHEY'S)
1 cup      white sugar
1/4 cup   brown sugar
2 tsp       baking powder
1/4 tsp    baking soda
1/2 tsp    salt
1 cup      buttermilk at room temperature
1 cup      evaporated milk at room temperature
1 cup      butter (250 gm)  at room temperature
2-4 tbsp purple coloring (I used 2 tbsp, u can use more)
4 no.s     eggs at room temperature

Making the batter and baking it

1.     Mix flour with baking powder and salt and sift.
2.     Cream your butter and sugars, then add eggs one by one while mixing.
3.     Alternately add in flour and buttermilk and evaporated milk and cocoa powder.
4.     Add in purple coloring to the cake batter.
5.     Grease you baking sheet ( I used my cookie baking sheet size lebih kurang 5" X 12"), line with parchment paper, and grease again with butter (don't forget to grease the sides of your baking sheet as well)
6,     Put your batter into preheated oven at 180C for about 30-35 mins, until your cake tester comes out clean when you dip into the middle of you cake)
7.     Let cool before topping.

1 cup       butter (250 gm)  kalau 3/4 buku butter pun masih boleh
4 tbsp      flour
1/4 - 1/3  cup granulated sugar (gula halus)
350 ml     milk
1 tsp        vanilla


1.     Melt butter in a pot, add in flour and stir with a spatula, do not leave the sauce unattended or else the sauce will be lumpy.
2.     Add in sugar, keep stirring.
3.     Add in milk, stir until it reaches a consistency to your preference.
4.     Let cool.
5.     The whole process takes about 10-15 mins. When cooled the sauce will thickened. If you like a thinner sauce, add a few table spoons of hot water, one at a time.

How to assemble the cake
1.     When the cake has cooled, cut into 3 pieces.
2.     Put 1st layer onto a cake plate. Layer your cake with the topping, then stack 2nd layer on top and layer again with sauce, same goes with the 3rd piece of cake and top with the sauce. Crumble some cake leftovers on top to garnish.

Do try out the recipe, I have adjusted the sugar measurement, so I guess those who are on a sugar-diet can still enjoy this cake, tapi jangan la makan sampai banyak slices! Nex time I will try work on different presentation with the same recipe. Await my next entry on this Purple Velvet Cake in a different presentation version. Happy baking my friends. :-)

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  1. nnti mak j cuba buat purple velvet cake versi liza nie ok..nmpk sedap...